Cheryl Rezendes is the author of Fabric Surface Design. A comprehensive book of over 80 surface design techniques for applying imagery to fabric using textile paints and other "kitchen friendly" media.

She received her training as a painter at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. After graduation she made her living as a custom clothier while pursuing her own work as a mixed-media collage artist.

Cheryl has worked as an elementary school art teacher, interior designer, free-lance writer and as a columnist for a daily newspaper. Both her fine and wearable art have been exhibited in shops and galleries throughout the United States.

Cheryl lives in the woods of western Massachusetts with her husband, an adorable one year old collie, an old and ornery cat named Julian and an assortment of wild animals that pass by. She has three amazing sons; an engineer, a young architect and a full-time systems engineering student.