Interludes - A Collection of New Work
to Jun 26

Interludes - A Collection of New Work

In the late spring of 2015 I helped to care for my dear father as he made his final journey from life here on earth to the unknown world beyond. The loss was a great one for me. 

“Interludes” is a collection of works that speak to the moments of light, understanding and peace that came to me in between the crushing and painful bouts of grief. At first, the light was fleeting and barely a glimmer. But over time and with patience I have come to see the dark, hollow of grief pale in comparison to the vision of all he gave me. 

My Dad and I shared a great love for the complex beauty of the New England landscape. The imagery in these works is taken from the time I spent over the past 12 months wandering the woods by my home in search of the meaning of life and love.

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