surface design

Right Brain vs Left Brain

writing this book - definitely left brain. so technical! 
sometimes i just have to take a break from that part of my brain. 
still have lots of energy to write, but no left brain power left to process. such a weird experience. 
i have written before. i used to write a weekly art column for my local newspaper.
500 words every week for close to 4 years.
that was different. not as intense.
plus i had the visuals to write about. now i am writing about visuals that aren't there yet.
a dichotomy for sure. but i'm loving it!

yesterday, sat down at the dinning room table to contemplate my life as an artist.
and found the flowers my step-mom gave me because my son turned 18.
so sweet! 
and a beautiful visual when i needed one

i may just have to pick off these long waxy leaves to print with