home studio

Back in Town

it didn't work out to do the photo shoot for the book at my now, home based studio.

several issues arrived - the most important being that there just wasn't enough room for all of us and the photo equipment around my table.

so I packed up and moved back to town, if only temporarily.

thank goodness for adolescent boys who are always willing to lend a hand.

I won't even attempt to count how often in their lifetimesI have moved my studio.

all in all it came out fairly well.

this is the main room with a great view of downtown

more to follow!








New Studio at Home

the move from my great studio in town was harder then I had anticipated.
working from home again has been lovely.
when I left for town 2 years ago, I gave my home studio space to my husband,
convinced him to move up from the basement.
and gave the unfinished basement to our adolescent boys.

I simply couldn't ask for it back.
so I took over the dinning room.
and if truth be told, I love it.
it is wide open and glorious.

during the day, it is all mine.
in the evening it is still all mine,
but I get to work in the company of my family.
as they walk back and forth between the kitchen and their rooms
they stop to say hi, converse and hug

the sewing area is in the basement with the boys.
they gave me a wall and shelf space.
this is all suppose to be temporary,
until we can build an out building later on in the year.
but if truth be told,
i am loving it just where i am.

Textile Paints 
A project for the book