New Work

This is one of my latest pieces of wearable art. It is made from a very light weight china silk. I started with a 3 yard piece of fabric that was stretched on a frame. I then painted it with Setasilk textile paints.

The funny thing about this piece is that it all happen accidentally. I usually buy my spray bottles from Prochemical and Dye along with textile paints and dyes. The bottle I was familiar with was sold out. So I ordered something different. When I first started spraying, I was aghast that it was a dribbler!!

Of course I hadn't tried it out beforehand on a scrap piece of fabric. Not wanting to be wasteful, and always working with the assumption that if it is already bad, I might as well keep going, since there was nothing to loose, I continued.

Low and behold the dribble method of spraying created this wonderful effect. The secret was to wait very patiently for each layer to dry, before spraying on another layer of color. I also used a silk flower as a resist throughout the layers. Moving the resist around between layers created a lovely "ghost" image of the flower.The final step was to add the blue and pink foil.

I have gotten wonderful reactions to the jacket. It has been refereed to as my "Monet" or "Gustaf Klimt" jacket. People love the easy fit to this pattern. It was created by inserting large gussets in the side seams. With no button closer, it has the freedom to float around and behind your body as you walk. Very fun and luxurious!

I'll be bringing it with me to the Berkshire Arts Festival in Great Barrington, MA this July 2, 3, and 4. It is always a beautiful weekend to be in the Berkshires. I'd love to see you there!