book writing

Back in Town

it didn't work out to do the photo shoot for the book at my now, home based studio.

several issues arrived - the most important being that there just wasn't enough room for all of us and the photo equipment around my table.

so I packed up and moved back to town, if only temporarily.

thank goodness for adolescent boys who are always willing to lend a hand.

I won't even attempt to count how often in their lifetimesI have moved my studio.

all in all it came out fairly well.

this is the main room with a great view of downtown

more to follow!









5,592 words later and the chapter on water soluble resists is done!
who knew i could talk so much.

been writing at my Dad's house lately
a great retreat with no distractions.

i do believe i can see the finish line now

will be so nice to make art again...
though the writing is lovely too

this is a page from an architectural, graduate student's thesis notebook.
very inspiring

sorry about the bad photography
i couldn't resist posting it

Right Brain vs Left Brain

writing this book - definitely left brain. so technical! 
sometimes i just have to take a break from that part of my brain. 
still have lots of energy to write, but no left brain power left to process. such a weird experience. 
i have written before. i used to write a weekly art column for my local newspaper.
500 words every week for close to 4 years.
that was different. not as intense.
plus i had the visuals to write about. now i am writing about visuals that aren't there yet.
a dichotomy for sure. but i'm loving it!

yesterday, sat down at the dinning room table to contemplate my life as an artist.
and found the flowers my step-mom gave me because my son turned 18.
so sweet! 
and a beautiful visual when i needed one

i may just have to pick off these long waxy leaves to print with

I've been working on the book now pretty consistently all day every day now. It has been an interesting and rewarding process. Doing a demo in person allows for nuance and variation in a serendipitous kind of way. Writing technical information in a step by step process is so very different. You have to find nuance in a totally different way. It isn't like writing poetry or descriptive narratives either. I keep wondering how I can incorporate that into the book. It is so much a part of who I am as an artist. Perhaps they'll let me put bits of poetry and quotes in the margins of the book. That would please me greatly.

With all this writing I still need to visually create as well. So I started this small (at least for now) fiber collage using pieces of fabric I painted with Pebeo Steta Color and Seta Silk.  The darker pieces was just a small scrap of fabric I randomly painted. The larger pieces are scraps from my silk organza jackets. In between writing and pacing I allow myself to wander over to this piece. It has been a long time since I worked this way and I am loving it! Sometimes all I do is move a few pieces around, then write again before I head back to the collage to see how it is looking.

This is the jigsaw puzzel I tell buyers about. The kind of puzzel that doesn't come with a picture of the finished piece. All I know is when the pieces fit perfectly together. Although I do have vision now of where I think it may go.

On Sunday a small group of fiber artists met in the studio to show and tell, discuss work and process and progress. They are members of SAQA. 

Lovely artists and wonderful conversation that has fueled me and inspired me. Thank you.