Scheduling Time

Yesterday started my attempt to work within a weekly schedule. It isn' my natural way to work. And it isn' that I need a schedule to get things done. I work really hard everyday and every minute of every day! 

It's just that there are a couple of things that always get put aside because there is always a long list of things for me to accomplish for the business of CherScapes. I have had to come to the realization that that long list will always be there. Tasks get added to the list just as quickly as I can cross things off. And sometimes even quicker!

I won't ever be able to finish everything on the list. Duh! That's a tricky one for me as I love to get things finished.

At any rate, the 2 things that significantly add to the quality of my life that seem to always get pushed to the bottom of the "To Do" list is working on my own artwork (as opppsed to the artwork I post on Etsy) and (drum roll please) living in/with a clean house.

So, I work at my part time job Monday - Wednesday from 4-9:30, or earlier if they need the extra help. It is a great schedule for an artist, as it frees up all my daytime.

Here is the new schedule:
Tuesday - Friday - the business of CherScapes which includes product design and making new product. The first hour is emails, then posting on Etsy.
Saturday morning is reserved for photographing new Etsy items. I have to take enough to get me through the following week. 
Saturday afternoon and Sunday is to work on my own personal artwork.
Monday I clean house and do laundry. 

I did fairly well yesterday - all things considered. I hadn't taken any photos on Saturday, so I did it yesterday morning and started in on my own work at 2:00. I took a break to make dinner and eat but was back in the studio until 9:45.

The difficulty today is to stay out of the studio to continue working on that piece. But I am committed for the long haul. A clean and orderly house make me so happy and keeps my anxiety levels down. It also makes a big difference to my son who is highly allergic to dust mites. 

So without further adieu, I leave you now to go get my mop and bucket!

Here is a picture of the front of my house. Somewhere in all that snow is my front door!

And what about you? Do you work better with a schedule or not?