One of a Kind Show

One of a Kind Show New York 2009

Back from the One of a kind Show in New York City last week. It was so very cold! But as we walked through Columbus Circle every evening with the Christmas lights twinkling overhead and our steamy breath lingering in front of us it was magic. The show itself didn't bring many sales, but I understood from the start that it was going to be an information gathering show more than any thing else. Between the early morning seminars the show offered every day, and the wealth of information and ideas my seasoned booth neighbors offered, I feel it was definitely time well spent. The most informative seminars were one presented by a group called Hello Craft and one by Bruce Baker who talked about booth design and salesmanship!! Later he visited the booths of artists who were interested in a personal critique. All very, very helpful. The show also held daily fashion shows with real models, a runway and speaker. It was so exciting to see my clothing in that context.