Creative Arts Workshop

Creative Arts Workshop

I spent this past weekend in New Haven, CT.
I had gone to teach a 2-day Painting on Silk workshop at 
a wonderful place called the
I had also gone home to the town where I grew up.
in fact I took classes at the CAW
as a youngster when it was located in the basement of an old synagoge,
and later as a teenager
I took figure drawing and painting classes in the evening
in its new facility.
my Mom knew that making art was already my life blood.

the memories were abundant.
the smells, the ghost sounds
the voices of those who taught me
years before.
I am grateful to Kate, the current director
for being so welcoming and 
enthusiastic about their new fiber department,
of which I will continue to be a part of.

I am of course grateful to
 my students,
who were nothing short of amazing,
and from whom I learned so much.

Day One - Applying the water based gutta-like resist.

Rita working out her design

Judith's piece

Barbara working out her design

Ellen and Judith

Rita's piece

Ellen's piece

Day Two - Painting using Jacquard Dye-na-Flow


Rita resource chart in the making
Rita's piece before the background was painted in.

Rita's piece after using Gail Callahan's Color Grid to figure out what color to use for the background.

Ellen's piece

All the lovely Ladies!

if this had been a 3-day workshop
we would have heat set the paint and
washed out the resist in class.
now we'll just have to wait to see
the finished pieces!