Cheryl Rezendes

Saturday Jan. 29

I was out early this morning with the dogs. Had to be careful though, as the hunters are out. Next on my agenda is the domestic stuff - laundry, vacuum, dust etc. etc. Then I'm off to the studio for a couple of hours. I'll put dinner in the crock pot first.

Yesterday I was home with my youngest son who was fending off the last bits of a bad cold. I felt that I needed the break from the studio anyway, a break from creativity. But what did I do? I picked up my knitting!

Yes it was meditative and calming. But I can't help but wonder about this unquenchable drive to make things. Where does it come from? What is it all about? While knitting I came up with several new ideas to work on and solved a compositional dilemma on one of my new pieces.

The only thing that can really quiet my brain is reading.